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superpitching: (Default)
Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 02:31 pm
I am glad to dispell the mutterings of FOOD BLOGGERS who disparage the average standard of Chinese food available in the UK. Professor Layton knows where to go when he's in Chinatown - like any true gentleman.


And what do they serve?

London Chinese Restaurants

Marvellous. Would eat all.
superpitching: (Default)
Saturday, September 18th, 2010 01:13 pm
<3 mooncake

Mooncake for lunch!
You heard...
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Friday, May 28th, 2010 04:20 pm
My friend claims that congee is the best thing for a hangover. Until last Sunday I disputed that assertion (surely nothing can beat the noble bacon sandwich)... but I must say, that last Sunday, I tried congee for the first time in Gerrard's Corner...


As far as I understand it, here is how to make congee: get rice, boil the unholy fvck out of it in loads of water, eat. Somewhere, alchemy happens and suddenly you're eating the most comforting thing in the world ever. And it has pork and preserved egg in it (or it did on this occasion).

A+ would and indeed will order again. (I have been having some rubbish noodles lately so am happy to swap noodle for congee for a while anyway tbh).

- fried turnip paste in XO sauce
- tripe! I have never had such good tripe! It was delicious, hot and moist, deliciously chewy to bite into. Much better than the tripe at the - uh - posh place with the river and the fishies! (Kake - this is one of the only Chinese words I can write! 牛柏葉 - apparently this is "cow's hundred leaves", because Chinese can even make tripe poetic. Then again I guess in English it could be called honeycomb tripe!)
- bbq pork cheung fun, sui mai, har gau and soup dumplings all pretty good
- My chicken and rice wasn't that great though, but I wanted some chicken, I wanted some rice, sometimes ones tastes are simple...

the taps in the ladies loos were producing *real actual boiling water*. Efficient, sure. Burns unit? Absolutely! Thank goodness for dining companion and her portable hand sanitiser gubbins...
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Thursday, May 20th, 2010 10:32 am
All I can think about at the moment is dim sum, which makes it even more irritating that much lunch is a sodding "Innocent Vegetable Pot". I have spent the morning being envious at Ken's trip to Tim Ho Wan (here are someone elses photos), but a lot closer to home is Penninsula, by the Holiday Inn in North Greenwich. (Whenever I think of a Holiday Inn, I start singing "Holiday Hymn" by Vic Godard, which I constantly mis-sing as "Holiday Inn" which is amusing if you like that sort of thing). I have never been, but gosh they have lots of dim sum. I think I should eat it all, or alternatively, get married there as they appear to have some offers on. If you book 20 tables they throw in a wedding dress, karaoke and a suckling pig, marvellous. Anyway, back to the dim sums, and Kake, here you go:

They say: "The traditional accompaniment to all this food is Chinese Tea; we offer a selection of different leaves, with dark, intriguingly musty Bo-Lay, a flavourite alternative to the ubiquitous Jasmine and Shei Sin."

Suspect intriguingly musty = we found it down the back of the sofa, watch out for mothballs. Yummy!