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superpitching: (Default)
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 03:50 pm
Plenty more kegs outside (if any strongmen want to "half inch" a keg, no-one is watching them). Lots of cartons of "Bernard", whatever that might be. Saw a bloke in a Doom Bar tshirt flick the vees at a bloke in a non-beer branded tshirt. Peeking inside - hey! There's rudiments of a bar!

... it does appear to be taking up the ENTIRE ROOM, and I'm still not quite sure where they will put the punters.

This is the only thing putting me off taking off Friday afternoon and spending it entirely in the Euston Tap tbh (ok, that and the salad of all the work which I must get on with one day).
superpitching: (Default)
Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 11:45 am
The Euston Tap! Because ONE real ale pub within 20 seconds of the Northern line wasn't enough! Personally, I'm over the moon as I can now be in the pub within 20 seconds of leaving my office. That 40 second dash to the Doric Arch could really take it out of one.

Due to open this Friday - I am keeping a keen eye on the load-in process that's happening this week. Yesterday I saw KEGS arriving. Today there is a sign advertising 27 beers and Monmouth coffee.

Still looks very much under construction on the inside. One might wonder how they're going to fit 27 kegs in there at all, but hey, if the Glass Bar could do it...?