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superpitching: (Default)
Monday, June 7th, 2010 11:31 am
My lunch is some shredded cabbage and carrots, briefly stir-fried with some random c.rap, a slice of PORT SALUT cheese, a slice of PORK LUNCHEON MEAT* and some rice w/ gomashio (for when your rice is just not salty enough). I suspect the cabbage is not cooked properly, but then again I am from the North and suspect cabbage is only cooked when it is boiled for 8 hours.

Anyway. Blah.

My fridge is full of cabbage. I recommend only buying a head of cabbage when you have a definite plan for what to do with it. There is a bowl full of the cabbage/carrot mix, and in the pyrex, there's some chopped salted cabbage slowly decomposing.

I plan to make kimchi.

Not because I particularly WANT to make my own kimchi (it is easy enough to buy), but because I still had a whole flipping half a head of cabbage left, and it was the only tolerable looking thing in the Tassajara cookbook.

Oh yes - no recipe book I own has a recipe for cabbage apart from Tassajara! Well, perhaps Fatty Slater has a recipe for cabbage, but it will necessarily involve "adding bacon" and I didn't have any so feh. (Actually, chiz!! Here is a cabbage and lentil salad that I would eat. Count this up for another time I missed having the internet... relying on RECIPE BOOKS for recipes instead of consulting THE CLOUD? Get a life, grandma)...

*Tesco Value of course~